Blogger picture’s blurry problems 100% fix Now

Then you will see a pen option under the title on the left side of the post, click here. This problem causes the Popular Post, Featured Image, Gallery and Homepage Thumbnails image to blur. Most of these problems occur when using a free template on Blogger.


Open your image file to the full size using image processing software. Pixels are the small dots that make up your computer, TV, and phone screen. Pixels work together by switching colors extremely fast to create a persistent and smooth viewing experience. Browse other questions tagged javascript html css blogger blogs or ask your own question. The ideal is to get a bigger image, and also an optimized one.

By not pressing the shutter release button in real-time, you have less contact with the phone, less shake and less blur. There are countless self timer apps you can download for both iOS and Android. Using the digital zoom will result in an ugly pixelated image.

SRCSET Script for Batch Creation Many Different Dimensions of an Image on Linux

So keep subscribing to the site to know new information all the time. Many times this problem is solved by changing the Blogger template. But in most cases this problem is not solved.

First of all, open the blog post that has this problem. And use regexp to /s72-c instead of /s72-c/ (since the new format of images removes the second /). Of course, the reflection of this update on blogs may vary from country to country. The 3rd part template users have this problem more often. Our graphics, images and text are all subject to copyright protection. The display height should be the height of your blog Header.

It says Image will be shrunk to 150 pixels wide. Then I set the media settings to something very high like 1024, 2560, and 3000 for the thumbnails, medium-size and large size images respectively. I ran regenerate thumbnails which went through the 227 attached but faced some errors and skips along the way.

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Resizing and cropping an image are not the same. Cropping is adjusting the edges of an image to cut out that unwanted background distraction to focus on what’s really important. It’s best to edit your image with a plan in mind. Keep those tips you picked up about resolution and resizing in mind as you photo crop as well. Because of this blogger’s blurry picture problem that kept me awake for a month, I couldn’t even write for the last few days.

To read more of his excellent tips, check out his blog Moblivious. Blogger pictures blurry is that which you can see your blogger site when you visit their your post thumbnail are going to blurry. This Blogger pictures’ blurry problem is started from your blogger theme coding problems. This problem we can fix but we need to follow a few steps carefully.

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This upscaling explains why the images appear low quality, as the site is displaying and scaling the image to over double its size. Blogger Blurry ImagesThe new blogger UI outputs the images URL as /w640-h426/ while if you are using a custom theme or a 3rd party theme then it will look something like this /s640/. This image URL format is responsible for image resizing.

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